Transistor Review

I need to start being active on this blog, I've decided that I'm going to post film/game reviews here too so that I'm actually motivated to post consistently, lets start with the review of Supergiant's Transistor that came out last month. This review is taken from my steam profile, but I've added a link to trailer for the unaware, worth watching for the music alone.

So I just 100% completed this game, might as well get on a high horse of opinion and run my mouth off,

I'd say don't get it for a narrative experience, the one it provides is good, whole and satisfying but by no means is it what I enjoyed most about the game. Players of Bastion may be slightly miffed to hear this as it was certainly the focus of Bastion, that amalgamation of music, voice acting, art and narrative gave an almost cinematic experience in Bastion that left a lasting impression, and while all of those traits are bought into Transistor and done well, the ambiguity in the story is left for the player to explore, as a result I found it less satisfying until you uncover as much as you need to in order to really understand the characters and events.

What I really enjoyed in Transistor was its gameplay, it simply gets better as the game goes on, and its for this reason I see it as a must to at least try recursion, which allows you to unlock all the skills again, making some incredibly powerful and therefore enjoyable combinations. The game provides the right amount of challenge to force you to explore its brilliant match up system. No combos are bad and any strategy is worth a go.

Special mention to the music and vocal work, while the narrative may have a lasting impact, there's certainly a strong sense of immersion created through the music and art. Not bad considering they were all recorded in a closet.