Updates and stuff.


First I'd like to share my new Sonic Remix that I posted yesterday, its a Drum and Bass remix of the Seaside Hill music, boasting some chiptune sounds mixed with guitars and various breakbeats. I even went all out on the video editing to make things more interesting.

See for yourself here

Secondly I'd like to announce that I'm starting up radio again, this time with Radio Rebel, I'll be the first to do a live show there. I'll be providing tracks from the Radio Rebel community, a large group of independent musicians thats very open, so if you fancy getting in yourself check it out.

My show will be on Fridays at 9-10pm BST. Keep up with my social media to be sure to catch it. 

Finally when it comes to content for blogs I've got some ideas, such as a review of the Transistor soundtrack now that I've REALLY listened to it (a lot) and maybe even some stuff from the games I'm playing (arguably too many). 

Thanks for reading this little update, I will keep this blog active no matter how random the content is.. I promise.