End of 2015 post

I'd like to make a summary post for 2015, pointing out some of the better pieces of work I put out this year as well as talking more about what I plan to do next year. 

Firstly, this was the year I started doing tutorials on my YouTube channel, so if you are a music producer, you may want to check those out here. This has been really exciting to produce, and I hope to make some more next year as I actually learn quite a lot making them and am open to requests. 

I'd also like to point out the three best bits of work I've made this year. At the top of my list is my remix of the Princess Mononoke theme, it's quickly become one of my most viewed works and is certainly one I look back on as successfully displaying my ideas. 

Next up would be my most recent piece, Ascent, this piece took a couple months to put together, having to contend with working alongside my final year of University. Liquid Drum and Bass is a style I've worked in for a long time and I'd like to think this piece its together all I've learnt so far. 

And the last track I'd like to advert your eyes too is my entry to August's Reddit Sample Pack competition, which was a lot of fun to make and encouraged me to think outside the box and use some of the more diverse production methods I've learned since attempting it a few years ago. I hope I'll be able to make another entry at some point next year, for now, take a listen:

So with all those shared I'd like to close this post by telling you I plan to stream a lot more in 2016, I've always wanted to get on board but been unsure that the audience was there, but with Twitch's Creative launch back in October I think there's a place for me to stream myself working on some remixes and other pieces, I've demoed this on my page at  http://www.twitch.tv/dino_kid and I think I'll be doing more next year as its a nice encouragement to get down to some work. Stay tuned to my social media pages where I'll announce when I'm streaming.

So with all that said it leaves me to thank you for reading and too my audience for sticking with me for another year, look out for more good stuff next year!

Happy new year!