Understanding Synthesisers


Since my last update I have a few pieces of news to share.

Firstly, on the job hunt side of things I've been volunteering at Express FM, it's been a great opportunity to learn a lot and get my hands dirty with some practical radio experience. You'll notice there's a new "Radio" page on this site featuring my radio work. I'm hoping to take on some more radio stuff in the future as its a medium that can integrate my integrity for quality and help share my passion for music and sound.

Secondly, I've opened a new channel under my real name for creating tutorials. This is partly because I felt there was a brand identity crisis having all of my stuff on one channel and I also am taking it as an opportunity to create new videos detailing everything about synths to make my videos more accessible. These new videos have a higher edited format, I still need to work on talking slower but I think it's delivering some good content. See for yourself:

Lastly, I finally finished my new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle remix, this was a labor of love over the course of 2 months and survived a near fatal project corruption so I'm very proud to have it finished, it's probably the most musically diverse piece of drum and bass I've produced.

As for what's coming up, I've got a few tracks I'm working on a few things, in particular I'm hoping to put out a song for halloween, it's a little different and borrows some ideas from bigger projects but I'm hoping it'll at least be fun to listen to :)


Thanks for reading