Streaming successes

Hello there,

I mentioned in my last post that I'd like to begin streaming production sessions on twitch. After a couple of spontaneous attempts to ensure the technical side worked (and showing off a remix that should be done soon) I scheduled a stream and spread the word. 

On Saturday I started the stream up and set about making a song with a sneeze sample that I'd recorded by accident. The idea was something of a novelty but also a good test for my ability to create within limits. I spent roughly 2 and a half hours stretching, shortening, manipulating and arranging sounds and shut the stream off when I had something presentable. Take a look at the results: 

Now, I'd be lying if I said the turnout to the stream was overwhelming, but it was great to talk to a few passers by about what I was doing. It reminded me of seeing a street artist paint while people go past and some may take interest but ultimately the painters goal is to paint. Had I been streaming a little part of a work I think I'd have lost interest after a shot while but trying to complete something in one session meant I had an end goal to keep on track with.

Having said that, I wouldn't always force myself to finish something on stream but I think setting goals such as "finish the verse" or "create an 8 bar loop" are more than realistic goals. 

This Saturday I'm planning to stream myself tackling the monthly reddit sample pack competition. Tune in around 1pm GMT at

I hope to see you there!