Finished University - Building a career

Since I last posted I've completed my course Music and Sound Production Technology at Bournemouth and been awarded a 2i (that's the grade below the highest for those unaware). I'm now faced with the real world as an unemployed soon to be 21 year old. It's both exciting and terrifying, rest assured I've got a few ideas which could be pretty interesting.

Just today I finished a demo for a new track that I'm hoping to have released (if you're interested in helping, please get in touch). It's quite a relaxed piece that I'd been working on for a few months and I look forward to sharing it. I've also got a few remixes on the go featuring some live guitar.

You might also notice a few new pages on this very website. Firstly the Rates page, where I'll be slowly working out how to negotiate with clients about bespoke music (again if you're interested head on over and check it out, I'll still be here when you get back). Secondly I've put together a page where you can watch each of the five clips from my dissertation, I'm proud to exhibit it in this way and it's an idea I'd like to build on in some way in the future.

With all this extra free time I should hopefully be more regular with the steams (though no promises right now). 

Thanks for reading this trail of thoughts, until next time.