Playing percussion with the BU Big Band at a football game

About Tom Harrington

I'm a 20 year old from Fareham, recently achieving a 2i in Bachelors of Science in Music and Sound Production Technology at Bournemouth University. I've been involved with music for a long time and after completing my degree in 2016 I began working at Focusrite/Novation as a technical support engineer on placement.


At the age of 10 I began playing drums, after being a number of bands and playing in live shows. I started producing music at the age of 16, since then I have been analysing, creating and learning about music and music production. As my interest in production grew so did my interest in Electronic Music. Back in 2012 I began sharing music online, using my handle for gaming "Dino Kid" as the alias.

I have seen a fair amount of success sharing my music, with over 23 thousand views on YouTube and another 18 thousand plays on Soundcloud, it has been shared on a number of blogs and various music networks and regularly receive praise and encouragement from around the world.

After some radio experience at University I went on to create my own Radio show in 2014 with a focus on Independent music which ran for a year. I've also had a lot of experience playing percussion and kit with the University Big Band, including a tour of France and some live sound experience.


Over the years I have helped on a number of projects including volunteering as DJ, creating video game music and music for animated shorts. I've also worked three years at University as an Ambassador where I work in schools helping increase awareness of higher education. More details of my experience can be found in the downloadable CV at the bottom of this page.

Moving Forward

My aim for working in the music industry would ultimately be to work as a sound designer or composer for media such as film of games. Whatever I go on to, I hope to keep music at the core of it.


Showcasing at FODT with my two Creative Tech Star Awards.

Showcasing at FODT with my two Creative Tech Star Awards.