Radio Work

This page is designed to showcase my work in radio. I've had two of my own radio shows and have recently begun volunteering at Express FM in Portsmouth. On this page you can hear some of the segments I've edited as well as some of the music I've composed for segments/shows. 

If you'd like me to edit your audio please feel free to get in touch at

I work primarily with Adobe Audition and Ableton but am happy to adapt as needed.

Kay purcell Interview

This is a segment for Haleys Storey, a local piece about events in Portsmouth. In this clip she is interviewing acotr Kay Purcell about an upcoming pantomime appearance. I have also provided original bed music.

Another segment edited for Haley Storey.

This is an interview with a local support group discussing divorced parents at Christmas. I have edited the segment and provided original bed music. This was aired on ExpressFM

Battle of the Somme

This piece, edited in Adobe Audition, provides information about the Battle of the Somme. I edited the piece down by removing unwanted noises as well as streamlining the content.


This is a theme song composed for an NCFE podcast. I composed this in Ableton and adapted the piece to fit the clients response.